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Eleaga – E-learning solutions on STACK platform

Eleaga is about the art of story telling in STEM disciplines: mathematics, computer science, and physics. We join gamified digital learning experiences and mathematical content.

Eleaga is a start-up of four experts in traditional and digital teaching of university-level mathematics. E-learning technology has been close to our hearts and minds for many years.

Eleaga is a consulting service for E-learning solutions as well as a research and product development team. To find out who we are, check us here.

Our vision

Mathematics is not only motivated by the everyday life but, in essence, woven into the fabric of it. This should also reflect into teaching of mathematics.

We believe that computers have now brought to an end the era when blackboard, pencil, paper, and printed books were the only media for learning mathematics:


Indeed, most people do not learn mathematics just by reading books. Mathematical skills are a matter of doing and experiencing at least as much as a matter of knowing. Moreover, digital learning platforms make it possible to produce pedagogically first-class learning experiences independent of time and place.

We believe that narrative materials will lead us through complex and colourful storylines, connecting students' knowledge to action, and provide them an engaging and interactive learning experience beyond comparison.

Eleaga product line

We are developing Stateful – an advanced framework for game-like practice materials for a variety of mathematical subjects. Stateful is a game engine that exploits the full power of the underlying classical STACK (by Professor Chris Sangwin) and the Computer Algebra System Maxima.

The design of game-like learning materials is a challenging effort for anyone. To facilitate this work, an authoring tool Eleaga Editor is provided. Eleaga Editor has features of the usual software development environments, and it seamlessly integrates to Stateful. Both Stateful and Eleaga Editor have interfaces for future learning analytics systems that may process the student response material by modern data analysis methods.

The Stateful/Eleaga Editor technology is currently being piloted in pioneering Finnish institutes of higher education.